Accessorize your Breathalyser

We offer various accessories to enhance the features of your breathalyser, maintain your device and extend the life span of your device

Services We Offer

Alcohol ignition interlocks

An Alcohol Ignition Interlock is an in-car alcohol breath screening device that prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver’s BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) is above the pre-set limit.

How it works

The user blows into the plastic mouthpiece of the handset for 5 seconds, an alcohol specific sensor analyses the breath sample and calculates the BrAC. The engine can only be started if the BrAC is below the limit.

How we install it

Once we receive your order, we will arrange a date and time to install at your location.The process takes approximately 2 hours. The service engineer will ensure you know how to use the device properly before leaving.

Why install it

For all drivers, whether its our kids, spouses, or our employees – the vehicle cannot be driven by someone who is over the legal limit for alcohol.

  • Peace of mind!
  • Road User Safety
  • Driver Safety

Support after installation

There is a 24/7 support should you need it, although it is rare . The device is doing its job if it prevents you from driving the car if you are over the pre-set limit! On an annual basis the device requires calibration, and we will remind you in advance for you to organize an appointment at your convenience.